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Who are we?

From the very beginning we have been focused on continuous development and have not been afraid to take on more and more ambitious challenges.

Today there are no ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration issues that we cannot handle. The knowledge and experience of our staff is a guarantee of your satisfaction. With us you will not only get professional and reliable equipment, but you will also find a way to make the best use of it.

We offer sales on attractive terms, provide a wide, comprehensive range of offers, professional technical advice and arrange deliveries of equipment from all over Europe. We conduct direct distribution of recognised manufacturers and our own production of ventilation accessories. We also provide full after-sales service, including servicing of our devices, which means you do not have to look outside our company for support - you will find everything you need with us!

Why Scrol?

First of all, comprehensive service - production, sales, distribution and access to professional engineers at one address. Our service is perfectly complemented by a very wide range of products, representatives throughout the country and always competitive prices. You will find here everything you need to make a ventilation and air-conditioning installation - from devices to assembly elements.

We care about high quality and recognised standards - all the products and equipment we offer are tested, have all the required certificates and are covered by a guarantee. In addition, we provide a fast-response service, which ensures that no customer is left without support, even during the operational phase of our systems. Thanks to our extensive experience in supplying ventilation equipment and components to investments, we are able to meet even the most difficult and demanding challenges, and our direct distribution and own production allows us to offer very competitive prices.

Choose Scrol, the proven HVACR solution provider

Personalization of solutions

Every project requires individual solutions. With us, you will find not only the equipment you need according to the designer's intention, but also assistance in optimising the selection from both a technical and an economic point of view.

and reliability

We do not wait until your enquiry "takes effect". We get to work immediately, and thanks to the knowledge and experience of our staff we give you the best possible solution.

Certified products

By purchasing from our company, you do not have to worry that you will lack the documents necessary for the smooth commissioning of our equipment. From us, you will get equipment from reputable European manufacturers, who provide all the necessary certificates and approvals for their products.

Technical support

For each system, we provide support from specialists who have gathered experience and knowledge over the years to share it with our customers today. We know what we offer and sell to our customers and how to make the most of it, so no question will remain unanswered.

Comprehensive product range

AHUs, fans, aggregates, exchangers... there is no equipment you cannot get from us. We also offer all accessories and automatics. Ventilation accessories, assembly elements - we will manufacture and deliver them to you. You do not have to look for the goods anywhere else!

Proven experience

Just take a look at our reference list to see how many investors all over Poland have already trusted us and have not been disappointed. Residential and office, public and production facilities - everywhere we deliver devices and whole systems which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Exclusive distribution in Poland

We know how important reliability is in large investments and what role it plays when preparing cost estimates. To meet the needs of investors and contractors, we always try to provide appropriate technological solutions at the most favourable prices.

Therefore, as part of our sales policy, we directly distribute equipment from manufacturers. During the last decade of existence on the market, we have developed cooperation with several reliable partners, of which we are the exclusive distributor in our country.

Brands in exclusive distribution


We have our own production in Poland (in a newly built seat), thanks to which we are able to offer standard and non-standard elements (even of large sizes) within short deadlines and at attractive prices.

Our business processes are managed through an integrated ERP information system, monitoring sales from the customer enquiry stage, through order and production, to logistics.

In order to meet upcoming needs, we are constantly expanding our current stock of production machines and developing the skills of our employees, which allows us to meet the high requirements of our current and future clients. Today we are already able to produce virtually any element of ventilation accessories, and the constant modernisation of our equipment allows us to manufacture faster and cheaper.

We produce ventilation accessories

Possible designs:
  • galvanised steel
  • welded version
  • welded version
Wide range of dimensions
Custom and non-standard orders
Powder coating in the RAL range

Modern manufacturing technology

In production we use the best technical solutions available. We are one of the few manufacturers on the market to use the brazing method for galvanised elements (e.g. for the production of roof bases), thanks to which we achieve a very high quality of connections and tightness without the risk of damaging the galvanised coating.

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